11/13 Library Event - Cranberries, Turkey & Murder Mystery Dinner

Saturday, November 13, 2021 - 5:00pm CST

(Teens, 6th-12th graders, only)
Registration required.

Saturday, November 13th at 5 PM (mystery dinners are approximately 3 hours)
Event held in the Rock School Complex Auditorium to accommodate social distancing.

It's time for another Murder Mystery! Dinner will be served. Be a part of the mystery & perform as characters while also solving a mystery. Registration is required to attend the event as a character or as a guest.

In a sprawling manor in the town of Mayflower Falls, the Dread family is hosting their yearly Thanksgiving dinner for their neighbors. The Dreads plan to serve delectable food catered from none other than Dread Steakhouse. To pass the time until the feast is ready, the guests will catch up on the latest neighborhood gossip and play hilarious party games.

Alas, the last year has been filled with treachery, scandal, and deceit. Many of the neighbors may not get along. The Dreads hope everyone can exist in harmony – at least until dessert hits the table.

You have received your invitation to the dinner. This is where your story begins.


Pinson Public Library