City Resolutions

Title Notes File
Resolution 21-15 A Resolution stating that the right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental individual right that should not be infringed. resolution_21_15.pdf
Resolution 21-2 A Resolution Authorizing Fire Hydrant Installation for 3894 Turkey Creek Road.  resolution_21-2.pdf
Resolution 21-3 Authorizing Fire Hydrant Installation For 3894 Turkey Creek Road.  resolution_21-2_0.pdf
Resolution 21-4 Authorizing the Mayor To Enter Into A Contract For Advertising And Promotion With The Clay-Pinson Chamber of Commerce For the 2021 Alabama Butterbean Festival. resolution_21_4.pdf
Resolution 21-5 Authorizing The Mayor To Enter Into A Contract For the Cooperative Management Of The Turkey Creek Nature Preserve. resolution_21_4_0.pdf
Resolution 21-6 Appointing A Member(s) To The Zoning Board of Adjustments Of The City Of Pinson, Alabama. resolution_21_6.pdf
Resolution 21-7 Proclaiming The City Of Pinson A "Human Trafficking Free Zone".  resolution_21_7.pdf
Resolution 21-8 To Amend And Re-Designate The Position Of Parks Assistant To The Position Of Athletic Director. resolution_21_8.pdf
Resolution 21-9 Authorizing The Mayor To Execute A Catstrophic Debris MOU With Jefferson County.  resolution_21-09.pdf
Resolution 20-57 A Resolution Authorizing the Mayor to receive bids for debris removal; said bids to be returned by the 19th day of November, 2020, at 3:00 P.M.  resolution_20_57.pdf
Resolution Debris Bid 2015 Resolution_Debris_Bid_2015.pdf
Resolution 20-58 Wreaths Across America resolution_20_58.pdf
Resolution 20-59 A resolution recognizing the 2020 Pinson Youth Sports League 12U Football team. resolution_20_59.pdf
Resolution 20-60 Accepting Said Bids Received on The 19th Day of November, 2020, For Debris Removal Services and authorizing The Mayor Contract With the Lowest, Most Responsible Bid Received.  resolution_20-60.pdf
Resolution 20-61 Authorizing The Mayor To Enter Into An Agreement With Avenu Insights & Analytics, LLC For The Purpose of Tax Revenue Enhancement Services Business License Discovery & Recovery Administration. resolution_20_61.pdf
Resolution 20-62 Recognizing The Coaches And Team Members Of The 2020 Pinson Valley High School Football Team For Another Exceptional Season, Concluding With The ALabama 6A State Football Championship. resolution_20_62.pdf
Resolution 21-1 A Resolution Concerning Surplus Proterty - 2008 Chevrolet Tahoe. resolution_21_1.pdf
Resolution 20-48 Declaring a public nuisance relating to overgrown grass/weeds at 5727 Hickory Court.  resolution_2020-48.pdf
Resolution 20-49 Recognizing Joy McCain. resolution_2020-49.pdf
Resolution 20-50 Recognizing Mayor Holyt Sanders. resolution_2020-50.pdf
Resolution 20-34 Electing the office of Councilor-Place 4 without opposition. resolution_2020-34.pdf
Resolution 20-51 Authorizing the Mayor to accept and execute a donation of real property. resolution_2020-51.pdf
Resolution 20-35 Appointing the City Clerk to perform the duties for holding a municipal election as required by state law. resolution_2020-35.pdf
Resolution 20-52 Appointing the City Attorney resolution_20-52.pdf
Resolution 20-36 Setting the compensation for election officers for the 2020 Municipal Elections and for any related run-off election. resolution_2020-36.pdf