City Resolutions

Title Notes File
Resolution 20-35 Appointing the City Clerk to perform the duties for holding a municipal election as required by state law. resolution_2020-35.pdf
Resolution 20-52 Appointing the City Attorney resolution_20-52.pdf
Resolution 20-36 Setting the compensation for election officers for the 2020 Municipal Elections and for any related run-off election. resolution_2020-36.pdf
Resolution 20-53 Electing the Mayor Pro Tempore resolution_20-53.pdf
Resolution 20-37 Appointing election officials for Pinson's 2020 election cycle. resolution_2020-37.pdf
Resolution 20-54 Ratifying existing depositories and providing for related financial management items. resolution_20-54.pdf
Resolution 20-38 Appointing Brad Walker to the Pinson City Council. resolution_2020-38.pdf
Resolution 20-55 Appointing the City Clerk / Treasurer resolution_20-55.pdf
Resolution 20-39 Declaring a public nuisance relating to overgrown grass/weeds at 3915 Libra Lane. resolution_2020-39.pdf
Resolution 20-56 Providing for emergency procedures during natural disaster or crisis. resolution_20-56.pdf
Resolution 20-40 Skipped Intentionally resolution_2020-40.pdf
Resolution 20-41 Recogizing the Lambda Eta Sigma Alumnae Chapter. resolution_2020-41.pdf
Resolution 20-42 Concerning a public nuisance at 5138 Gold Leaf Lane. resolution_2020-42.pdf
Resolution 20-43 Authorizing the demoliton of a nuisance at 5438 Southfield Road N. pursuant to Jeffrerson County Circuit Court Case CV- 2019-902522.00. resolution_2020-43.pdf
Resolution 20-28 Authorizing the Mayor to execute a contract for covid expenses with Jefferson County. resolution_2020-28.pdf
Resolution 20-13 Providing for emergency response during the Covid-19 outbreak. resolution_20-13.pdf
Resolution 20-29 Declaring a public nuisance relating to overgrown grass/weeds at 7338 Plantation Road. resolution_2020-29.pdf
Resolution 20-14 Amending the appropriation of funds to serve PVHS. resolution_20-14.pdf
Resolution 20-30 Authorizing the Mayor to enter into a contract for the infrastructure installation as part of the Turkey Creek Nature Preserve pavilion project. resolution_2020-30.pdf
Resolution 20-15 Authorizing the Mayor to renew a greant cooperation agreement w/ Jefferson County. resolution_20-15.pdf
Resolution 20-31 Electing the office of Councilor-Place 1 without opposition. resolution_2020-31.pdf
Resolution 20-16 Ordering the demoliton of a building or structure located at 4719 Brook Crest Lane, Pinson, AL in compliance w/ sections 11-40-*30 through 11-40-36, sections 11-53B-16, inclusive, of the code of ALabama and in compliance w/ Ordiance 2016-16 of PInson, AL; and calling for the Ciyt to cause said demolition to be performed and directing the city attorney and city clerk to cause the cost of such demolition to be charged against the land on which the building or structure exists as a municipal lein or cuase such cost to be recovered in a suit at law against the owner or owners. resolution_20-16.pdf
Resolution 20-32 Electing the office of Councilor-Place 2 without opposition. resolution_2020-32.pdf
Resolution 20-17 Approving a settlement concerning 6886 Highway 75. resolution_20-17.pdf
Resolution 20-33 Electing the office of Councilor-Place 3 without opposition. resolution_2020-33.pdf