City Resolutions

Title Notes File
Resolution 20-04 Recognizing the 2019 Pinson Youth Sports 10U Football Team. resolution_20-04.pdf
Resolution 20-05 Authorizing the Mayor to execute an amended contract for the purchase of real estate.  resolution_20-05.pdf
Resolution 20-06 Concerning 6886 Highway 75. resolution_20-06.pdf
Resolution 20-07 Recognizing the 2019 Pinson Valley High School Threatre Program. resolution_20-07.pdf
Resolution 19-39 Appointing members to the Zoning Board of Adjustments of the City of Pinson, AL . resolution_19-39.pdf
Resolution 20-08 Authorizing the Mayor to enter into a contract for advertising and promtion with the Clay-Pinson Chamber of Commerce for the 2020 Alabama Butterbean Festival. resolution_20-08.pdf
Resolution 19-24 Authorizing the Mayor to received bids for debris removal. resolution_19-24.pdf
Resolution 19-25 Concerning Vulcan Materials and the Turkey Creek Nature Preserves. resolution_19-25.pdf
Resolution 19-26 Ordering the demoliton of a building or strucutre located at 4794-4850 Bud Holmes Road, Alabama, Parcel ID# 09-00-29-4-001-001.000, In compliance with sections 11-40-30 through 11-40-36, sections 11-53B-1 through 11-53B-16, inclusive, of the Code of Alabama, and in compliance with Ordinance Number 2016-16 of City of Pinson, Alabama; and calling for the city to cuase said demoliton to be performed and directing the City Attorney and the City Clerk to cuase the cost of such demoliton to be charged against the land of which the building or structure exists as municipal lein or cuase such cost to be recovered in a suit of law against the owner or owners. resolution_19-26.pdf
Resolution 19-27 Authorizing the Mayor to execute an inter-governmental agreement with the Jefferson County Board of Education in regards to use of gymnasium. resolution_19-27.pdf
Resolution 19-28 Resolution accepting said bids received on the 30th Day of July, 2019, for debris removal services and authorizing htey Mayor to contract with the lowest, most responsible bid received.  resolution_19-28.pdf
Resolution 19-29 Authorizing the deposit of certain gasoline taxes and stating the intended use. resolution_19-29.pdf
Resolution 19-30 Appropriating funds to serve Pinson Valley High School. resolution_19-30.pdf
Resolution 19-31 Authorizing the Mayor to execute a contract for the purchase of real estate.  resolution_19-31.pdf
Resolution 19-32 Declaring a public nuisance relating to overgrown grass/weed at 2812 Sweeney Hollow Circle.  resolution_19-32.pdf
Resolution 19-33 Directing the Mayor to execute a service agreement with Alabama Power for upgrades for exterior lighting.  resolution_19-33.pdf
Resolution 19-34 To contract with the Greater Birmingham Humane Society for animal control and pound services.  resolution_19-34.pdf
Resolution 19-35 Recognizing Solid Rock Church resolution_19-35.pdf
Resolution 19-20 City of Pinson is desirous of having certain improvements made on SR-75 within the City Limits of Pinson. resolution_19-20.pdf
Resolution 19-36 Wreaths Across America resolution_19-36.pdf
Resolution 19-21 Concerning the membership of the Pinson Parks & Recreation Advisory Board.  resolution_19-21.pdf
Resolution 19-37 Directing the Mayor to execute a service agreement with Alabama Power for upgrades for exterior lighting. resolution_19-37.pdf
Resolution 19-22 Recognizing the 2019-2019 Pinson Valley High School Special Olympics team. resolution_19-22.pdf
Resolution 19-38 Authorizing the City's purchase of certain real property located at 3104 and 3108 Sweeney Hollow Road. resolution_19-38.pdf
Resolution 19-23 Accepting proposals and authorizing demolition of propery at 4094 Spring Street and 4422 Main Street. resolution_19-23.pdf