City Resolutions

Title Notes File
Resolution 18-18 recognizing the 2017 Rudd Middle School Boys Track Team. resolution_18-18.pdf
Resolution 18-34 Concerning fire alarm monitoring for the Rock School Center. resolution_18-34.pdf
Resolution 18-19 Confirming costs associated with abating a public nuisance at 5254 Dug Hollow Road. resolution_18-19.pdf
Resolution 18-35 Recognize and commend Dr. Robert Bryant Jr. for his outstanding service to the Pinson Community.  resolution_18-35_0.pdf
Resolution 18-20 Concerning property located at 6219 Kaley Lane. resolution_18-20.pdf
Resolution 18-36 Wreaths Across America. resolution_18-36.pdf
Resolution 18-21 authorizing the Mayor to accept and execute tax deeds for certain real property located at 4169 Powell Ave. and 6201 Kaley Lane. resolution_18-21.pdf
Resolution 18-22 approving an agreement with Jefferson County concerning Narrows Road. resolution_18-22.pdf
Resolution 18-23 authorizing the Mayor to accept and excute quit-claim deeds for certain real property located at 4330 Main Street. resolution_18-23.pdf
Resolution 18-24 authorizing the Mayor to enter into a contract for the purchase of improved property located at 4422 Main Street. resolution_18-24.pdf
Resolution 18-25 concerning 4718 Innsbrooke Parkway. resolution_18-25.pdf
Resolution 18-26 concerning the membership of the Library Board of the City of Pinson. resolution_18-26.pdf
Resolution 18-27 Recognizing the 2018 Pinson Youth Sports League 10U girls softball team. resolution_18-27.pdf
Resolution 18-28 approving an annexation agreement. resolution_18-28.pdf
Resolution 18-29 Authorizing and directing the Mayor to execute a license agreemetn on real property. resolution_18-29.pdf
Resolution 18-30 Recognizing the 40th Anniversary of the Jefferson County Library Cooperative. resolution_18-30.pdf
Resolution 18-31 Authorizing the Mayor to enter into an adendment to the contract for enhanced law enforecment services between the Ciyt of Pinson and The Sheriff of Jefferson County. resolution_18-31.pdf
Resolution 18-03 Accepting said bids received on the 15th day of December 2017, for residential trash removal services and requesting the Mayor to provide contract with the lowest, most responsible bid received. resolution_18-03.pdf
Resolution 18-04 Awarding a contract to Advance Disposal Services Solid Waste Southeast, Inc. resolution_18-04.pdf
Resolution 18-04A Authorizing the Mayor to enter iinto a contract for advertising and promotion with the Clay-Pinson Chamber of Commerce for the 2018 Alabama Butterbean Festival. resolution_18-04a.pdf
Resolution 18-05 appointing supernumerary members of the zoning board of adjustments of the City of Pinson. resolution_18-05.pdf
Resolution 18-05A Concerning the Clay-Pinson Chamber of Commerce. resolution_18-05a.pdf
Resolution 18-06 approving a street signage agreement concerning Emerald Forest Subdivsion. resolution_18-06.pdf
Resolution 18-06A authorizing the Mayor to enter into a contract for the cooperative management of Turkey Creek Nature Preserve. resolution_18-06a.pdf
Resolution 18-07 concerning the City of Pinson consent and approval of the issuance of an alcoholic beverage license for Walgreen Co. by the Alabama Beverage Control Board. resolution_18-07.pdf