City Resolutions

Title Notes File
Resolution 18-04A Authorizing the Mayor to enter iinto a contract for advertising and promotion with the Clay-Pinson Chamber of Commerce for the 2018 Alabama Butterbean Festival. resolution_18-04a.pdf
Resolution 18-05 appointing supernumerary members of the zoning board of adjustments of the City of Pinson. resolution_18-05.pdf
Resolution 18-05A Concerning the Clay-Pinson Chamber of Commerce. resolution_18-05a.pdf
Resolution 18-06 approving a street signage agreement concerning Emerald Forest Subdivsion. resolution_18-06.pdf
Resolution 18-06A authorizing the Mayor to enter into a contract for the cooperative management of Turkey Creek Nature Preserve. resolution_18-06a.pdf
Resolution 18-07 concerning the City of Pinson consent and approval of the issuance of an alcoholic beverage license for Walgreen Co. by the Alabama Beverage Control Board. resolution_18-07.pdf
Resolution 18-08 authorizing the Mayor to execute a license agreement for the Bradford Park with the Jefferson County Commission.. resolution_18-08.pdf
Resolution 18-09 expressing intent to convey property for a fire training facility and authorizing the Mayor to proceed with administrative steps. resolution_18-09.pdf
Resolution 17-55 authorizing the Mayor to enter into an amendment to the contract for enhanced law enforcement services between the City of Pinson and the Sheriff of Jefferson County. resolution_17-55.pdf
Resolution 18-10 accepting bids for the Rock School Renovation an authorizing the Mayor to contract with the lowest, most responsible bidder. resolution_18-10.pdf
Resolution 17-56 recognizing the 2017 Rudd Middle School Boys Track Team. resolution_17-56.pdf
Resolution 18-11 authorizing the Mayor to execute an addendum to an agreement between the City of Pinson and AT&T of Alabama Concerning AT&T U-Verse. resolution_18-11.pdf
Resolution 17-57 declaring a public nuisance relating to overgrown grass/weed at 5254 Dug Hollow Road. resolution_17-57.pdf
Resolution 18-12 authorizing the Mayor to execute a grant agreement with the Jefferson County Commission for repairs at Bradford Park. resolution_18-12.pdf
Resolution 17-42 Authorizing the Mayor to execute a lease amendmend for the Palmerdale School property with the Jefferson County Board of Education. resolution_17-42.pdf
Resolution 17-43 authorizing the Mayor to execute a lease amendment for the Palmerdale Homestead Community Center with the "PHCC" 501C3 Organization. resolution_17-43.pdf
Resolution 17-44 authorizing the Mayor to execute a contract for a roofing profect at the Rock School Center.  resolution_17-44.pdf
Resolution 17-45 Authorizing the Mayor of the city of Pinson to acquire real property located at 4252 Silver Lake Road.  resolution_17-45.pdf
Resolution 17-46 Recongnizing the 2016-2017 Pinson Valley High School Special Olympics team. resolution_17-46.pdf
Resolution 17-47 Declaring a public nuisance relating to overgrown grass/weed at 4169 Powell Ave. resolution_17-47.pdf
Resolution 17-48 authorizing the Mayor of the City of Pinson, AL, to acquire real property located at 4239 Main Street, Pinson, AL. resolution_17-48.pdf
Resolution 17-49 Acquiring certain real property through netgotiation or the exercise of eminent domain. resolution_17-49.pdf
Resolution 17-34 A resolution of the City Council of Pinson, AL, approving a grant contract with Jefferson County Commission regards to the construction of a first responder saferoom. resolution_17-34.pdf
Resolution 17-50 Authorizing the Mayor to execute a catastrophic debris MOU with Jefferson County. resolution_17-50.pdf
Resolution 17-35 Authorizing use of city property for blood drive activities. resolution_17-35.pdf